StoryFile is a new, interactive way for people to share their stories with the world. 

Advanced AI allows you to ask questions to StoryFile subjects as if you were talking to them, and hear them tell their stories in their own words, and creating an immersive conversational experience. Proview is proud to bring this technology to New Mexico and beyond, preserving the life and stories of the people of New Mexico

Go Ahead, follow the links to one of the StoryFiles below:

        Don't know what to ask? Ask Jim about:

  1. Winning the 1971 State Championship
  2. How Albuquerque got its street names
  3. The Building of the Pit
  4. Playing in the Air Force band

Governor Gary Johnson

          Don't know what to ask? Ask Gary about:

  1. Climbing Mount Everest,
  2. Running for President of the United States
  3. Building his business in New Mexico
  4. Being Governor of New Mexico

What is StoryFile?

To Learn more about creating your own StoryFile or to schedule a live viewing of a StoryFile Display, contact Aaron Rivera at

Coach Jim Hulsman